There are LOTS of reasons for exercising, but for busy, stressed moms, here are 10 top reasons why you need make it a priority and fit it into your schedule.

1. Exercise helps you de-stress

2. Exercise will make you feel stronger and more confident

3. Exercise will give you the energy boosts you need to make it through your busy day

4. Exercise will lift your mood and help you combat depression and anxiety. My walking partner and I tease that our walking and talking together is our therapy and much cheaper!

5. Exercise will reshape your body and help your clothes fit better

6. Exercise will help you feel proud, like you have accomplished something, and ready to tackle the next task

7. Exercise to be a good example to your kids

8. Exercise allows you to eat more food (and even even cheat!)

9. Exercise helps you sleep better at night (but don’t exercise right before bed, you would probably have trouble sleeping due to all the endorphins running through your body)

10. Exercise because YOU need to take of YOU so that you can take care of those you love

I have personally struggled with making exercise a habit, but have recently been successful at walking every weekday for 45 minutes. I am feeling SO much better overall because of it!


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