Top tips to clean quick for the holidays

When the holidays come around, everybody is scurrying about, trying to clean house fast, quick, and easy. I have several posts on this blog to help you do just that. Look below to pick which posts fits your situation the best!

vacuuming christmas

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Need to clean the whole house quickly (in an hour or 2) because the neighbors are dropping by? READ 10 ways to clean your house fast

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Or maybe you have 10 minutes before someone is arriving at your door? READ The down-and-dirty quick clean up trick

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Maybe you are just trying to get the house cleaned up in little spurts of time. READ What to clean if you only have 5 minutes


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Need to clear some clutter QUICK? READ Clear some clutter- 10 things you can throw away right now or The BEST ever organizational tool


mop and bucket small

Kids got too much stuff to bring MORE stuff in at Christmas? READ Clearing clutter to make ways for gifts


Did I happen to mention that the nice folks at Swiffer Bissell offered me a neat Steam Mop to try out? This thing is AWESOME! I love that it was very easy to put together. Then you fill the steam reservoir, and attach the Swiffer pad (which actually has the cleaning agent on it). Plug it up, and the light comes on when it is ready, in all of about 30 seconds!

You then can very quickly clean your floors (I would suggest a quick sweep first, if possible). I had just mopped a few days ago, and the Swiffer SteamBoost got up quite a bit more dirt! I love how the cord easily wraps like on a vacuum, and it can hang on the wall. Personally, if you chose to use it daily to spot clean your floors, I would say you can leave the Swiffer pad in place and use for several cleanings. It will dry out, but the steam will reactivate the cleaning agent.

swiffer steamboost mop

The Swiffer SteamBoost Steam mop was quite a handy little tool, and a good one to keep in every stressed mom’s arsenal 🙂

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