This article was originally posted on my other blog Living the Balanced Life in May, 2011.

As I see the ads and watch the commercials for Mother’s Day, I get frustrated at all the pressure that is put on the men in our lives to buy us fancy, extravagant gifts. While fancy things are nice, I don’t particularly feel the need to have them, and I sure don’t want my husband to feel the pressure to buy them for me.

One of my favorite Mother’s Days

Last Mother’s Day (2010), my husband and my oldest 2 daughters got the 4 siblings and their significant others to plan to meet for lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Afterward we went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. A couple of Sundays a month, they have what is called “Play in the Park”. A lot of circus performers gather to practice their skills and share willingly with onlookers. The girls planned a wine and cheese tasting, and also had fruit and juice for the under-aged.

So there were me, my husband, 4 adult children and their Others, as well as 6 grandchildren. We had an awesome time just laid out on blankets, watching the performers. Then some of the kids and grandkids joined in! These are “real hula-hoops”! It was so much fun just watching them all hang out together!

mothers day play in the park

Does a gift have to cost a lot to be special?

The thing is, a meaningful gift does not have to cost much. I actually did a twitter poll and asked, barring expensive jewelry or fancy trips, what would they like for Mother’s Day? I wasn’t super surprised by the answers, after all, I’ve been a mom for a while now!

Many moms wanted help around the house. They would’ve liked to have the family clean up for once, or even pay to have a housecleaner come in!

cleaning house

Others would like to sleep in for once!

sleeping in

Some would love to have a massage…

mothers day massage

And this mom and I must be sisters separated by birth as I think this would be awesome!

the best day ever

Others had some varied requests, but they were rooted in simplicity.

geraniumsfamily portrait


Some mothers would just like to be shown some respect, and have their families be appreciative of their efforts.

appreciation for moms

And this last Mom’s tweet made me really stop to think, as it should us all…

moms in AL

So, what do you really want for Mother’s Day? And for my male readers, what do you think your wives may really want?