What’s your fashion personality? Take this quick quiz

Choose which answer best describes you. It might be fun to take it twice, the first time answer what you would like to be in your perfect world, and the second time, answer what you REALLY dress like in real life. 🙂

At the nail salon you reach for

A.  a bright pink
B. the shade of the season
C. something with the barest hint of color
D. no polish, just buffed
E. red, always red

You are most comfortable in

A. cotton cable knit sweaters and crisp khakis, tailored navy blazer
B. things you spotted on the runway
C. a white button down shirt and jeans
D. a cute sweat suit
E. bows, cascading ruffles, all things lacey

When not working, you feel most like yourself 

A. on the tennis court or the golf course
B. in the big city
C. at home hosting a dinner party for friends
D. in your SUV with the kids or grandkids
E. at a romantic getaway cottage

Your accessory of choice is 

A. a strand or two of pearls
B. the new “it” bag
C. big, round black “Jackie O” sunglasses
D. a yoga bag
E. vintage inspired jewelry such as charm bracelets or necklaces

The perfect everyday shoe for you is

A. loafers
B.  wedge heeled bootie
C. flats or kitten heels
D. sneakers or hiking shoes
E. peep-toe heels

You tend to wear

A. lots of color grounded by navy
B. head-to-toe black
C. anything neutral
D. practical colors like gray, brown, black
E. softer pastel shades

Who’s style do you most admire

A. Reese Witherspoon
B. Sarah Jessica Parker
C. Jacqueline Kennedy
D. Jennifer Garner
E. Elizabeth Taylor

Add your totals of each letter to define which fashion style is yours.


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