Ever had a day when you get to the end of it and think ” Where did the day go? I didn’t get ANYTHING done!”

If you are like me, that is at LEAST every other day!

If you would like to figure out a way to keep this from happening as often, read on below.

Determine your MITs 

I came across a concept that I have seen several people use, such as Tsh Oxenrider from Simple Mom and Leo Babauta from Zen Habits.  The idea of determining your 3 most important tasks that need to get done that day (MITs). 

post it note

Now obviously we ALL have more than 3 things that need to get done in a day. Hopefully you have at least a basic routine established so that your basic household and family needs are being taken care of. What seems to get away from us are those not so urgent, yet important things that will help us one step closer to a goal we are working on.

It is very simple. At night before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, make a SHORT list of the most important things you need to get done that day. These may be things that are time sensitive, are very urgent, or they are something that is helping you build toward a better habit.

For instance, right now one of my MITs is to walk on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes a day. Fifteen minutes will not do a whole lot towards helping me lose the 40 pounds I need to lose, but it is working towards the goal of building the habit of exercising every day. I hope that by building that habit, it will grow into a stronger habit of working out for even longer periods a day.

My other MITs will vary based upon what I am working on. It may be a blog post I need to write, a phone call I need to make, an email that needs to be sent.

You will hopefully get more done than those 3 things, but if you can get to the end of the day and say “I got the 3 most important things done today. I DID accomplish something!” it will make you feel a lot more productive!

Getting the MITs done

Find a place to write your MITs. Maybe it is a post-it note. Or an index card. It may be on an app on your phone, or a note on your desktop. Find a place that keeps them in front of your face. Personally, I like the post-it note!

To get your MITs done, it is best to focus on them early in the morning. Maybe before your family awakes. Or maybe after you feed your little ones breakfast. Having determined the most important things will help you know what you need to work on next, or perhaps when you get a free 5 minutes.

Many times we have a little time to actually work on something, but if we haven’t already decided what is the most important thing for us to work on, we may fritter that time away on less important things, or even on trivial stuff. Having your MITS written will help you stay on track.

How do you make sure you are getting the important things done?