*This post was originally published on Living the Balanced Life in June, 2011.

My regular readers know that I spent several days last week at the Type-A Parent Blog Conference in Asheville, NC. If you’re a blogger or a business that works with bloggers, this is an awesome conference to attend!

The closing keynote speaker was Liz Gumbinner. She blogs at Mom 101 and you can find her here on twitter. She was funny and made us laugh quite a bit. We could relate to her stories all too well.

So how does today’s woman “do it all”?

She said she often gets asked “How does she do it all?” To which she says that is a really awkward question to ask a woman. How are you really going to answer that?

If you have been reading my blog any length of time, you know that I am a big proponent of taking care of yourself and stop trying to be everything to everybody so her talk really resonated with me.

She shared a few tips from a blog post she wrote. I am going to share those tips with you, as well as add some of my own insight.

8 ways to NOT Do It All

  1. Know why you blog. Or why you do anything that you spend a good amount of time on.  Inner conflict can come from lack of clarity or purpose, so be sure you are clear on why you are doing what you are doing.
  2. Know what you are good at. And do your best to spend a bulk of your time doing those things which you are good at.
  3. Know what you are bad at. This is important as well. We need to acknowledge the things we really just suck at and find ways to not do those items, delegate them or pay someone else to do them. (I have a whole post coming on this topic!)
  4. Do what YOU want to do. Sometimes you just gotta say “Screw it!” and do what you really want to do anyway. As responsible adults/parents, we can’t do this all the time, as someone has to feed and dress the kids, but sometimes we just need to do something because we REALLY want to.
  5. Learn how to say NO. We need to learn to say NO more often. Stand up for what is best for us and our family and just say NO!
  6. Learn how to say YES. Find the things that are important to you and make a conscious decision to include those things in your life.
  7. Know your inner worth. Your value is not just about money. It is about respect, others respecting you and you respecting yourself.
  8. Be annoyed less. Learn to not let the little things get under your skin. Irritations and interruptions happen each and every day. Get over it and go with the flow as much as you can. Getting annoyed less will greatly reduce your frustrations and stress factor!

Each of these points involve knowing and understanding yourself, and making choices based upon that knowledge! It’s about not letting life just happen to you.

Does Wonder Woman still live at your house? How have YOU survived since she disappeared?



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