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Going out with someone for the first time can be daunting, but picking what to eat doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, you know enough about the person to ensure that you avoid any intolerances or allergies. Nothing could be worse when meeting a prospective romantic partner than needing to go to the emergency room, or having to ditch the date for a toilet run.

Thankfully, restaurants and eateries are required to mention any food that may contain allergens or provide you with information upon request. Failure to do so may lead to you having to get in touch with a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer for more information on what to do next. 

The first thing to consider when going out is the atmosphere of the place you are visiting. Do you want somewhere casual and laidback? Do you want to avoid family settings? What time of day will it be? Taking these into consideration, as well as the town or city the date will occur in, could help you to decide where to go. Being the first date, you may not want to spend too much money or put too much pressure on things. 

Being realistic is also a good idea. It is doubtful that you will have one meal between you, so any occurrences such as the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ spaghetti kiss are highly unlikely to happen. This is real life, so any potential lip locking can only occur if both of you feel that chemistry. 

That point also leads on to another. Cleanliness. The restaurant itself should be clean, with food hygiene thoroughly in place, but you may also want to consider the meal itself. Some foods, such as the aforementioned spaghetti, can be messy to eat. If you and your date have dressed up for the occasion, any sauce or drink stains will not be welcome. 

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Loud locations may also not be suitable. The first date provides a great opportunity to get to know one another while enjoying some (hopefully) good food. This means that sports bars and other lively venues might be out of the question.

The optimum place for your first date would be one where you have the opportunity to talk to one another, but there is some form of quiet background music to alleviate any potentially awkward quiet moments. Food needs to be to the liking of both people, but not so overly expensive that, should things not pan out, one or both of you is severely out of pocket.

Toeing the line between formal and casual can be a great way of giving you both a good night out without allowing too many nerves to kick in. 

Worst case scenario, you will have had a good night out and not broken the bank. Best case scenario, you will have had a first date in a calm and relaxed environment, that allowed you both to be at ease, and can plan ahead for a more formal second date.