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First a warning–if you’re my mom, grandma, or just don’t want to read about body waxing? Click out of this post. Now.

Are you gone?

Just don’t want someone to think I’m talking about bikinis when I’m talking about waxing…haha!

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve had the Brazilian before and that was awful the first time. It did get less painful each time I went which was awesome. But now that I haven’t been on the waxing wagon for awhile I’m terrified yet again…

So being that Leo will be home in a few weeks and being pregnant makes it impossible to do a lot of things I’ve decided to start getting waxed. Again. Brazilian? No way. I don’t need to take care of everything you know?

Then there’s the regular bikini. But I wanted a little more so I upped it to the French bikini. I haven’t done it yet, but the appointment is set–there’s no going back now! I’m a little nervous…I’ve read it’s more painful when pregnant. I should have scheduled a facial and pedi the same day to relax after getting hair ripped out…

Have you had the French bikini done before? Thoughts? I’m just curious to your thoughts/opinions. And I can’t wait until Leo gets home–I’m thinking he’ll be pleasantly surprised.