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The other day, I asked my chiropractor why my ribs keep going out of place within a day of her putting them back. Her answer? “Adrenal fatigue.”

Is adrenal fatigue “real?” Honestly, the jury is out on that one. Most mainstream medical experts say “no,” but some alternative practitioners disagree.

Regardless, one thing we all know is that chronic stress is very real, and takes a serious toll on our bodies, resulting in the symptoms and signs associated with what we call adrenal fatigue. Note that these signs may also point toward other conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and so forth. If you suspect an underlying condition, check into it.

If you’re a busy mom, it can be easy to miss the signs that you are overtaxing your system. You may be so used to feeling tired that you may not become aware of compounding symptoms until you have had them for weeks or months.

In this article, we will go over some common signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue in busy moms.

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Now, let’s go over those signs and symptoms.

1. Joints coming out of alignment

We’ll start with the symptom which I mentioned at the start of this article. There are a lot of possible reasons for a joint instability. But it can certainly increase if your stress levels are elevated.

As moms, we do a lot of heavy lifting (baby, groceries, etc.), so I am guessing that this issue might be particularly pronounced with us. It is all too easy to throw out a rib when bending over to pick something up.

2. Fatigue

The most obvious symptom associated with adrenal fatigue is, of course, fatigue. If you slog through each day feeling like you barely have the energy to function, that is a symptom worth paying attention to.

3. Trouble waking up

If you have to fight to open your eyes in the morning and get out of bed despite getting what feels like plenty of sleep the night before, that could be a sign that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue.

4. A “second wave” in the evening or at night

Many people who believe they have adrenal fatigue seem to have inverted levels of cortisol.

Basically, cortisol is supposed to be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening. When your levels behave that way, you feel alert and able to wake up in the morning, and calm, relaxed and sleepy in the evening.

But it could be that your levels are low in the morning and high at night, making it hard to wake up and then producing insomnia later.

As an aside, I saw a study once that indicated that this may be common in autistic individuals. So, if you have ASD, that could have something to do with such a pattern.

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5. Higher levels of anxiety or hyper-vigilance

If you are suffering from chronic stress, it is possible that you also might enter a chronic state of anxiety. With heightened vigilance, you might even find yourself jumping at sudden noises.

My guess is that we also are extra prone to this as mothers. After all, we worry a lot about our children.

So, having anxiety does not necessarily point toward adrenal fatigue. But chronic stress can certainly make anxiety worse.

6. Pain issues

If you have any sort of chronic or recurring problems involving pain, they could flare when you are under chronic stress.

All that stress can increase inflammation in your body. Plus, you may have an increase in muscle tension. Both can exacerbate existing problems.

Other health issues could also get worse if you are stressed. So, that might also be a sign to you that you need to find a way to relax.

7. Autonomic nervous system issues

Your autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating heart rate, breathing, urination and many other functions in your body.

Your sympathetic nervous system is the excitatory component, while the parasympathetic nervous system is the “calming” component.

When you are stressed, your sympathetic nervous system activates and becomes dominant. That dominance can turn into a long-term imbalance with chronic stress.

The results can manifest in a myriad ways—anything from food cravings to muscle twitching to difficulty urinating.

Regardless, any of these might be signs that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

Give Your Adrenals a Break If You Can

What can you do as a busy mom if you realize your body and mind are taxed by chronic stress?

Well, slowing down is a good idea if it is possible. But if you are having a hard time taking a break, you can take an adrenal support supplement like VITALITY.

Do what you can to relax yourself, even if it means asking for help now and again or taking a little “me” time. You need to be in good health to provide the best support to your child, so it is perfectly okay to take a few hours off just to rest and recharge.