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If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to cause stress, it’s financial worries. However, increasing your income doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right side hustle, you can generate more income while doing something you enjoy. To get started, take a look at these top tips for raising extra money on the side:


1. Choose Something You Enjoy

Making extra cash shouldn’t be something you dread, so be sure to choose something that you like doing. If you’ve always wanted to play the markets, for example, take a look at this article on how to trade forex to start creating your own trading strategies. Alternatively, if you’re passionate about eCommerce, consider launching your own online store or using drop-shipping to deliver goods directly to your customers.

2. Use Your Experience

Your professional experience can give you the skills you need to make extra money on the side, so make the most of them. If you’re a qualified accountant, for example, you might be able to provide accountancy services as a self-employed freelancer. If you’ve worked in the tech industry, you might decide that designing websites or building databases is a great way to boost your revenue.

Of course, you don’t have to rely solely on your professional experience to make extra cash. A hobby, interest or pastime can all give rise to lucrative side hustles, providing you know enough about them to offer genuine value to your customers.

3. Check What You Need

Before you get started, do check whether you need any licenses or certifications in order to operate. A financial adviser must have certain qualifications before they can begin giving advice to clients, for example, so don’t risk breaching any regulations. Similarly, you may want to consider registering as self-employed for tax purposes and taking out professional indemnity insurance or other types of business insurance to protect yourself and your customers.

4. Manage Your Time

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Ideally, your side hustle will allow you to make maximum profits with minimal time. In reality, however, many people enjoy their side hustles so much that they devote a significant amount of time to them! Before you start working on your new venture, consider how much time you have available and how much you can make with the time available. This will help you to determine which side hustles can offer the best returns, based on your specific circumstances.

5. Focus on Customer Acquisition

To generate revenue working for others, you’ll need to secure clients or customers. If you want to simplify this process, you can sign up to dedicated platforms that connect freelancers with companies and clients looking for specific services or skills. With no need to advertise your brand or invest in costly acquisition campaigns, this can be a simple and stress-free way to find customers when you’re starting out.

Launching Your Side Hustle

You might be eager to get your side hustle underway, but a little planning can have a big impact on your future success. By conducting some initial research and learning more about your chosen industries, you can increase your future success and maximise the amount of money you’re able to make on the side.