28 Days to Hope for your Home challenge

I have been a big fan of Nony over at A Slob Comes Clean. She has been open and honest about her struggles with keeping an even moderately clean house. And I would beg to wager that many of you are in the same boat. I know I was, especially when I had little (and not so little ones) at home.

So many of you are at your wit’s end with your house. You feel like you will never get on top of everything, but the truth is SO MANY others are struggling too! Knowing that there are other moms dealing with the same thing can help encourage you and give you hope. And hope is what Nony can offer in her books.

28 days to hope and more 

Nony has a special right now on 2 of her books 28 days to hope for your home and Drowning in clutter. You can get BOTH ebooks for just $5.00. This special is now over, but you can buy each book for $5 each. I wish I could just GIVE these 2 bo0ks to every stressed mom out there reading this, but of course that isn’t possible. Plus, it isn’t even MY book to give away.

28 days to hope accountability group

What I can do is encourage you to buy your set ASAP. And then I want to invite you to a special, private Facebook group, just for my readers who have bought Nony’s 28 days to hope.

In this Facebook group, we will check in daily to discuss how we are doing with the current challenge of the day and the progress we are making. We will encourage one another and cry on each other’s virtual shoulders. You can also share about your messy house and troubles and your mother-in-law won’t be able to see!

Why be part of a Facebook group?

How many times have you bought a book, or even read a blog post, and planned to act on it but never did. Um, yeah. Me too.

By being part of this Stressed Moms facebook group, you are being held accountable to do the very things you are wanting to do. We won’t be here to beat you up, but to take your hand and gently pull you alongside us.

Think of this as a virtual bookclub/accountability/moms club. This first challenge of the group will be a 28 day challenge. If we do well at this challenge, and it seems beneficial to participants, we will probably choose a book each month to work through. Just baby steps to help us all along the way.

Once you make your purchase, send me a request right away to join the group by clicking here or send me an email here. While we are just ramping up the group, we will start our challenge officially on January 1st.

Here’s what to do

Step 1: Buy your book set 

Step 2: Email me or click here to join the Facebook group

Step 3: Login in to the group and introduce yourself!

3 comments to 28 Days to Hope for your Home challenge

  • Jamie

    I’m interested in the 2 book ebook but not sure how to proceed. Can I order it on my kindle for $5 or do I need to order it as an ebook and then how do I find it later to access it. I think the Facebook accountability group will be fun.

  • Leigh

    I wish I had the extra cash to purchase these books but with Christmas and 7 kids to provide for I don’t even have 2 pennies to rub together. Would like to be part of a fb group for stressed mommies however cause I am definitely one stressed mom. Lol

  • Darcy

    I bought the books! Let’s do this!!!!