As we go into the new year, many of us are looking for ways to improve or better our lives. You may be trying to begin new habits or break some bad ones. Moms are always looking for ways to simplify life, and to make it more meaningful.

Below are some of my most popular posts with some practical tips to help you simplify your life going into this new year.

40 tips to simplify your life:

10 steps to clean your house FAST (with downloadable checklist!)

10 first steps for a simpler life -Easy beginning steps you can take

10 easy meals for a busy life – not the best nutritionally, but will feed your family in a pinch!

10 ways to stop being so busy – We all seem to be busy, here are some ways to slow down!

If you’d like some resources to help you with the simplifying process, you can check out these resources below:

This is one of my favorites right now!

One Bite at a Time

The Simple Mom herself, Tsh Oxendiner, just released this great ebook. It is 52 projects that you can undertake to simplify your life.

Click to get the details for downloading!




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What area of life are you trying to simplify?