About this website

The Stressed Mom was created to teach and train moms, young and not-so-young how to:

  • Structure their day for less stress
  • Plan their meals
  • Clean their house faster
  • Control their thinking so that the stress doesn’t weigh them down
  • Be confident in their role as mom, wife, woman

My goal is to help them structure their lives so that they can reach their goals.

My secondary reason was to create a community of women who understand each other and can connect on common ground. We have a very active, private Facebook group for just that purpose. You can subscribe and request to join here. 

About Bernice aka The Stressed Mom

So who IS the Stressed Mom? As the mother of 4, and Nana to 8, soon-to-be 9, grandchildren, I have learned quite a bit about stressful motherhood. Through the years I’ve homeschooled, ran my own full-time businesses, raised 3 grandchildren for several years, and worked for corporate America.

I have learned that everyday life can be very stressful. I have also learned some systems, patterns and tips to make life run a little smoother, most days anyway.

As I was coming to the end of raising my children (does it ever REALLY end?), I have had a few stressful years, a mental breakdown in 2010, (you can read that story here), a marriage of 31 years ending abruptly and with no warning. I had to learn very quickly how to provide for myself and live on my own for the first time in my life.

After my divorce, I was blessed to “run in to” someone I had dated in high school (on Facebook, lol!) After meeting up again, and getting to know one another again, we got married and have been married for almost 4 years. My husband has been a true blessing to me and has helped me to heal, not only from my divorce, but also from leftover issues from my breakdown.

He has been a great addition to my family, my kids and grandkids love him! And he came with a teenage daughter, an adult son, and another granddaughter!

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