Are you a stressed mom?

I have a surprise for you at the bottom, but first read here! I recently came across another website for moms called The Laundry Moms. The site is run by 5 moms, with many years experience. It is written from a Christian perspective, without being in your face, and I really like that. While they DO talk about laundry, that is not what the entire site is about. They have some features such as:

  • Life-sorting Tuesday
  • Wash-load Wednesday
  • Tasty Thursday
  • Family Night Friday
  • Supermom Saturday

Along with laundry, they talk about parenting, money, food, marriage, and inspiration. And I got the honor of writing and sharing with their audience today. That’s right, you can find me on The Laundry Moms today.

Are you a stressed mom?

Here’s a taste of what that post is about:

Women today are busy. Always busy. And stressed. Whether you work outside the home, inside the home, full-time mom, or not even a mom, we are stressed. It has unfortunately become a way of life in our modern civilized world. I am not sure what we can do about society’s obsession with stress, and it’s determination to keep us this way… 

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