I am like most American women. My health has not been the greatest. I struggle with headaches, aches and pains. I am least 40 pounds overweight. I have been on medication for depression and anxiety in the past.  I have a feeling that a good number of you suffer with many of the same issues, as well as other not so pleasant illnesses and issues. My husband and I have tried more than a several times to lose weight using different plans or tactics, sometimes with some success, although not long-lasting. My dear hubby needs to lose at least 55-60 pounds himself. Eating for more energy and better health

Our typical American diet

Our eating habits are typical of many Americans. We ate a lot of processed foods, sugars, and foods that had very little nutritional value.

Two weeks ago, we watched a video called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The story of Joe Cross and Phil, whom he met in America, juicing and losing incredible amounts of weight. But not only that, they overcame autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and morbid obesity. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Joe and Phil’s stories intrigued us, and we decided to embark on the juicing journey ourselves.  On Joe’s site, Join the Reboot, he has several plans one could do. He recommends a short juicing fast, 5 days, sandwiched in between 5 days of eating just fruit and vegetables. So it is a 5-5-5 program.

Flipping the switch Juiceman juicer

We researched and bought our first juicer, a Juiceman 2-Speed All-in-One Automatic Juice Extractor. It has worked very well so far, is easy to take apart and clean, has a large spout for the fruits and vegetables to go into.  We have been please so far with it’s quality for the price. Makes a great beginner’s juicer.
We made a shopping list, and hit our large, international farmer’s market, and stocked our fridge. It seemed a little expensive at first, $150 for what we thought was 3 days of food! Yikes! As we went through the menus and our meals, however, it was much more food than we needed. We have made the initial grocery shopping last for a week, with just adding a few things in. I am happy to report that this has been a great experience so far! We began phasing into the program last Sunday, adding additional vegetables to our diet. On Wednesday, which is what we call Day 1, we began eating strictly fruits and vegetables with very few variances. (There were a few cheats!)

The benefits of juicing

We began noticing a few changes within a few days. We had more energy. We started feeling less bloated, I had less heartburn and reflux. We also noticed the scale starting to drop. As of yesterday morning, Monday, less than a week on the full Reboot, my husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 8.  As we are on Day 2 of our juicing phase, I will be interested to see what the weight loss ends up being. I have noticed another major change, for my husband anyway. He used to come home from work and then pass out in his chair for a half hour or so. He hasn’t had a nap since Thursday.


While not everyone can, or wants to do something this extreme to lose weight or improve their health, I can encourage you to do these things:

  • drastically increase the amount of vegetables and fruits into your diet
  • cut down the amount of meat and dairy
  • greatly reduce the carbohydrates you eat, processed and unprocessed

If you want more information on the program we are doing, the Join the Reboot site has lots of information. If you would like to try this, but maybe not so drastically, consider this book, The 3-Day Cleanse: Drink Fresh Juice, Eat Real Food, and Get Back into Your Skinny Jeans.

Note: This is not meant to be medical advice. If you are considering a major change to your diet, make sure it is okay with your doctor first. My husband and I had both had physicals and blood work last month.

What methods to become more healthy and lose weight have you tried?