You are exhausted. Flat.out.pooped. A 2 hour nap probably wouldn’t even help, this is such a deep exhaustion.

How can you be a mom and take care of others when you are already drop-dead tired?

for when you are exhausted

Below are 10 things you should give a try when you are exhausted:

1. Grab a stack of books and crawl on the couch or bed and let them *read* to you. Learn to sleep with at least 1 eye open.

2. Relax your standards a bit.Let them watch a movie. Eat Fruit Loops. Color with markers. Play in the bathtub for a longer time (with proper supervision)

3. Be sure you are eating plenty of protein and other healthy snacks

4. Go for a walk. Not a 3 miler, but put little one in stroller, grab your 4 year old’s hand and just take a little walk around the block. Be patient, go slow. Your kids will enjoy it and it will refresh you.

5. Say NO to outside activities.

6. Shower. Even 5 minutes can make a difference.

7. Can’t shower? Wash your face and put on clean clothes.

8. Make a healthy, vitamin packed smoothie ( can always use peanut butter)

9. Consider juicing. My friend Crystal has a 21 day challenge where she helps you get started.

10. Take 3 deep cleansing breaths.

A bonus: Try to get a good night’s sleep tonight

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