I don’t really know the answer to the above question. I didn’t take Home-Ec and my mom was bordering on being a hoarder, God rest her soul. So I had to learn a  lot by default. Or I just overlooked it! I mean, vacuum the refrigerator coils, REALLY?

But many of those jobs have a real purpose, other than just getting rid of dirt. Vacuuming the fridge coils will help it run more efficiently, using less energy and extending it’s life, saving you money in the long run!

Cleaning products and safety issues

And there are also important things to know, like not to mix chemicals. A woman died in a local McDonald’s bathroom this week and they think it was because someone mixed bleach and ammonia, a very deadly No-No.

A few of my favorite things

Believe it or not, I actually had a janitorial service for 13 years (when my babies were little) and learned the basics of routine cleaning (just not all the deep down stuff, lol!)  Out of that time I found a few products I love.

First is Murphy’s Oil Soap. Great for damp dusting, mopping floors, cleaning old wood and more. And it smells awesome!

My next favorite product is Comet Bathroom Spray. It is the best thing I have found for soap scum. The trick? Spray on a dry tub and let sit for 10 minutes. Then dampen cloth or sponge and wipe vigorously. Don’t add a lot of water til you are ready to rinse. Works great!

I have seen so many of the new vacuum cleaners for 100’s of dollars and I wonder if I am missing out. I have had my current vacuum for at least 10 years and I had one just like it for the 18 years before that. And that was the one I used while I ran my janitorial service. It has been the best vacuum ever, and for the cost per year it averages out to, you can’t beat it. And it works wonderfully!

It the Sanitaire Upright Vacuum. I paid about $200 for each one of mine. You can buy replacement parts for cheap (the beater bar, the cloth bag) and they can take a beating as they are meant for commercial use. I love the long cord!

If you are looking for some natural cleaners that are commercially made, let me share a few of the most popular lines here for you to look at.

  1. Mrs Meyers has a wide array of cleaning and household products, many with natural scents such as lavender and sweet pea.
  2. Seventh Generation has a vast line of cleaning and household products as well as diapers, wipes, paper towels and toilet paper, among many others. Their products mainly have no scent at all, very good for those who have allergies.
  3. Green Works is a Clorox product line though it has no bleach. They have your basic cleaning products.

Many of these products above can be bought at your local stores, especially if they have a natural section.

Now, if you still have questions about How do I clean _____________, I have the perfect answer for you. I wrote a post called The ever-present mess and shared a site a few weeks ago, Home-Ec 101. She just redid her site and has an awesome Clean It section now. You can find the answers to many questions, some you may not of even known you had!  She also authored a book by the same name, Home Ec 101, and if you didn’t take home-ec, this would be a great addition to your home resource library!

What things do you have the most difficulty cleaning?