It has been a tradition for years that new school clothes be bought each fall. I always loved having a new outfit the first few days of school, didn’t you?

back to school kids

Just as with many of our other belongings, we have an overload in the clothing category. For ourselves AND for our children.

What happens when our children have access to too many clothes?

  • They may have a more difficult time deciding what to wear.
  • They may change clothes multiple times a day.
  • They may pull out lots of clothes trying to choose.
  • They may also pull clothes out because their drawers or closet are too crowded for them to effectively look at the options and choose their outfit.
  • You end up with more dirty laundry because of the above things.
  • You may also put off doing laundry because your kids have plenty of clothes to wear. Then you have a mountain that you do want to tackle!

The building blocks of a basic child’s wardrobe*

For girls-

A combination of bottoms (shorts, skirts, shorts, capris) – a total of 7 pieces should work. Choose mainly solid colors, so as to match with several tops.

Tops- 10 shirts should be enough, unless your daughter likes to layer clothes (mine did).  Consider plaids or florals to add variety to their wardrobe. Choose patterns that would go with at least 2 of the bottoms.

Dresses- If your daughter likes to wear dresses, add 2 0r 3 to her wardrobe. If she likes to wear dresses a lot, consider that skirts allow for more flexibility.

Shoes- a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, boots or flip flops depending on where you live!

For boys-

A combination of shorts and pants– 7 pieces   For the boys, consider plaid shorts to add some variation. Jeans and khaki also provides some variety.

Tops- 10 shirts A combination of t-shirts, polos, and button-downs. Don’t make the mistake I did of not putting a collared shirt on your son for years. He’s 20 now and has not worn collared shirts since he was 7! A combination of solids with a plaid shirt or 2 would make for a good selection.

Shoes- a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, boots or flip flops depending on where you live!

A few other details-

These numbers are for school clothes. Your child should also have a FEW outfits of play clothes. Keep the play clothes in a separate drawer or side of the closet.

You may also need to have on hand 1 or 2 dressier outfits for church or other events.

Obviously as the weather changes, you will have to begin to change out warmer clothes for summer. And depending where you live, you may have to keep a few summer things handy. Even though it gets quite cold here in Georgia, we have been known to wear t-shirts and shorts on Christmas Day!

If you have already purchased school clothes for this fall, consider these guidelines when shopping for the winter. And consider whether or not you could clean out their closet and dresser and get rid of some unnecessary items.