How to magically make your house cleaner

How to magically make your house cleaner --

We are always looking for “magic pills” to do something we can’t seem to do, such as a magic pill for weight loss, or keeping the house clean. I wrote a post a few weeks ago called THE best organizational tool ever. While not a magic pill, it can work wonders, if you give it a shot!

Today’s post is to tell you about another great household management, clutter minimizing tool.

This one is not a thing, but a habit you need to implement, and teach your family to do so as well.


Clean up as you go

Make cleaning up and putting the things used part of the activity. When you allot time, and work out your day, adding in the actual cleanup, while it may add a few moments to a task, can save you time in the future. Not really a magic pill, but a magic habit, that when used regularly, can make a big difference in the clutter level in your home.

Some examples:

* When you get ready to go to work, or out for the day, put away your makeup, your hairdryer, hang the towels, hang up any clothing you decided not to wear.

* Make your bed when you get out of it in the morning.

* When preparing a snack, put away all traces of the ingredients and preparation BEFORE eating the snack.

* When working on a craft project, put away all your tools and supplies when finished. (unless maybe you are blessed enough to have a designated space for ongoing projects!)

* When cooking dinner, clean as you go. And as part of having dinner, rinse all dishes and load the dishwasher before relaxing for the evening. You’ll be glad you did in the morning!

* Teach your children that playing with Lego’s or puzzles includes having to put things away when they are done playing. Same with the Barbies, lol!

Saving time and energy by doing it NOW

This is something I struggle with on an ongoing basis. I have to MAKE myself put things away as I go. I was not taught to do so by my mother, so I struggled and didn’t teach my children very well either. If you struggle with this habit, I encourage you to start tomorrow with one area and make some changes. See how it makes you feel, and how your house looks because of it.

What area are you going to tackle first?

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  • This is something I was taught to do and as a child I hated it, so when I moved out on my own I rebelled and lived in a mess as a procrastinator and, well I was misersable and stressed all the time. Once I restarted picking up after myself and taking care of the stuff now that needed to be done, I have become a very low stress person for the first time in a long time! Do it right, do it now and you dont have to worry about doing it later!

  • Bernice

    I love that! Do it right, Do it now, and you don’t have to worry about it later! I’ll remember that as I am working to ingrain this habit in myself!

  • This is how I was raised, too. But, boy, oh boy, is it a challenge to pass on to my kids the importance of cleaning as you go! Someday I’m sure it will click. Right?

  • Excellent tips! I just tackled our master bedroom this morning, now that it’s spick and span I’m going to apply the “picking up as you go” concept…I was raised this way but I rebelled. 🙂 How many of us realize our Moms had it right when it comes to housework 🙂

  • This is something I do and have forever been frustrated trying to get others in my home to do the same! Why don’t they do this too! :^)

  • I am a big believer in picking up as you go and putting things back where they came from (not near where they came from) when finished with an item. Getting my husband to do the same is a struggle, but I hope to get my 2 and 3 year olds to pick up as they go!

  • Shelli

    Just found you on Pinterest! I’m just wondering–have you been secretly watching me and taking notes on all my bad habits? Your list is completely me! These are great tips on keeping the house clean and the magic pill for a clean house and even the Do you say Yes too often I hate to say no to people and then make myself crazy by trying to do everything! I’m going to have to come back here often and try to de-stress, de-clutter and de-scover the new me!

  • Kati

    Thank you so much for… just saying the same things that I say all the time! I feel like I’m the only one (of my friends and family) who feels that being neat and time-efficient is important. I already do almost every tip that you mentioned. I’m just glad that someone is singing my tune.

  • Bernice, I’m convinced that you may be my favorite person on earth! Thank you for your words of advice. They are so encouraging and empowering to moms.

    I am a wife and a mom of 3 (toddlers right now but growing faster than I can soak it all up)and you’ve been such an encouragement to me.

    Thank you again,
    Lynnette (Nettie)

  • Amber

    Bless you for posting this. I am eternally trying (and I feel like failing) to get on top of my house. Sometimes it feels like a warzone and I’ve spent a lot of time with the curtains drawn so I can’t see the chaos!!

    I am much better than I used to be and always make sure the loungroom and my bedrooom are tidy every day and now I’m ready to move onto other rooms but they seem so overwhelming. My kitchen is always overflowing with dishes and I have an 11 year old who doesn’t clean cos I’ve never been able to teach her!

    I feel if I just start with 2 simple tasks each day and make them a habit, I can conquer the whole house. Just like I have my loungeroom and bedroom. I know I can do it, I’m really glad I”m not the only one who struggles.

    Bless you!!

  • i like the idea of cleanup asyou work in kitchen

  • i like the idea of cleanup asyou work in kitchen

  • Angie

    As a Mum of two boys I felt as though I spent my whole life harping on about clearing up, cleaning up, putting away, tidying, washing up, doing laundry etc. etc. But boy, oh boy am I glad and I think my two sons are too. I am very proud of them – they can cook, clean, launder, and their homes are clean, tidy(-ish) and definitely presentable. They are domestically stress free. Giving them these skills for life has enabled them to live freely and independently, giving them the time, space and energy to pursue the things that really matter in their lives. So don’t be afraid to show them how to make life and living a whole lot easier. Your children will grow up being able to good care of themselves – and I reckoned that was my job description

  • ugh!! If only I could get this habit down!! Just gotta keep working on it! 🙂

  • Janet

    As a working mother of two boys, I am a strong believer in leaving a room neater than you found it. Even the bathroom – I make sure all cleaning supplies are located in each of our 3 bathrooms so sprinkles and splashes are cleaned up easy. If something doesn’t belong in the living room – take it to it’s proper place in the house when you leave.

  • Donna

    My parents are “collectors” not as bad as on “hoarders”, but not too far off, at least in some areas, so I was never raised to clean as you go. I am awful at getting rid of things and organizing. I have been trying to de-clutter our house as I am not happy with it. I looked for what is our worst clutter and it’s clothes. I give away a lot all the time, but we still have a ton. I found a FB site in my area to sell things at low prices so I can get rid of it and still get a little out of it. I already have boxes so I can pack up whats left and take it to Salvation Army. Hopefully I can keep this from getting out of hand again.

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  • rjw

    i *need* to implement this. we are army, and i precleaned before the movers came…. not only did i have a truck bed (big dodge ram!) full of stuff i donated and didnt even need, i threw tons of “trash” (reciepts, papers, exp coupons, wrappers, etc) out for three weeks during the process! i am determined not to let clutter build up when we move into our new home!! ty!

  • I really need to follow your suggestions ! I so want to be organized ! I do everything right for a week and then…evrything wrong the rest of the month 🙁
    Thank you for your help!

  • Such good tips! I’m a grandmother now, and something I’ve learned during entire days with the grandchildren is not necessarily “put it away when you are done playing with it” (because they don’t KNOW when they are done! :D). Instead, with tornado toddlers or more than one child, stop and straighten up the house whirlwind style periodically throughout the day. Of course, if you are cooking or painting or any other mess-making activity, that absolutely must be cleaned up before you go on to the next thing. Found you just now on Pinterest! Good work!

  • Elizabeth

    I have found that the ‘ten second tidy’ (introduced to us by our awesome babysitter) comes in VERY handy with toddlers just beginning to understand about cleaning up and enforcing cleaning up after oneself by removing privileges with older children GREATLY improves my work load AND my stress-load! These tips are awesome and I will also start applying some of them as well!

  • One of the rules in our house regarding dinner is this:

    He or she who cooks does NOT clean. Everyone clears their plate, and those who did not cook (or materially help cook 🙂 are the ones responsible for seeing that it gets cleaned up. (and yes – HE or SHE – because my hubby has always taken a turn or two each week cooking – he is AWESOME!)

    So when I cook, I do not clean – although I will confess (please don’t tell my family) I do sometimes go back and re clean the countertops because none of them really do that well, lol…. but I can live with that!!!!!!!!!!