We all have the same amount each day, but each person is given a different number of days, which none of us knows. Steve Jobs’ passing has me thinking about how I am using my time that I have been given. Am I spending my time wisely or am I wasting it?

For each of us this would look a little different, as it will depend on what we have deemed as most important in our life. Then it will also depend on if we are actually living out those things we deemed important.

If you have had a wakeup call, maybe a health scare, or an accident or even a brush with death, as my husband did back in 2008, you tend to look at life a little differently. Or maybe even the birth of a child will help you to get an understanding of the preciousness of life.

Many of us just let our days go by, letting what happens just happen. We let our time just waste by.

How to spend time instead of wasting it

Just as with money, it is difficult to make changes with your budget until you know where your money is going. So, first we need to see where your TIME is going!

– Take an inventory of how you are spending your time. We all think we know how we are spending our time, yet if we actually did an inventory and tracked our minutes for even just one day, I think we would be surprised.

Download a time log here.

– Once you use the log sheet for a day or two, see where you are spending the majority of your time. Make sure when you are logging online time that you log WHERE you are online. Many of you us get sidetracked while we are doing the things we should be doing.

– Consider if where you are spending your time lines up with the goals and priorities you chose for yourself. If you have not done this yet, then go.do.it.now.

If your time log and priorities match up, then you are on target, if not (and probably most of us wouldn’t) you need to see how you can adjust to bring the two closer together.

– Learn to check yourself. Before beginning an activity, ask yourself “Is this getting me where I want to be?” or “Is there something better I could be doing with my time?”

– Build some routine in your day. Set aside certain times for doing those things you like to do, but can become a timesuck if we aren’t careful. Things like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, and youtube. Oh, I forgot Pinterest. I have tried to stay away from there other than looking at a few friends boards.

– Or, better still, give yourself time on these things you enjoy as a reward for doing the things that are more difficult for you to get done.

– Use alarms on your computer or timers on your phone to help you keep on track. Otherwise hours can pass by and you’ve accomplished nothing!

Remember, the point of time management is not to cram as much stuff in as possible. The point is to get done what HAS to get done, so that we can do the things we love to do, with those we love!

Me and my daughter’s celebrating youngest’s graduation last year!

By choosing where your time goes, you are spending it, rather than wasting it. Begin today to consider where your time goes.