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If you are tired of struggling to “do it all”, this book is for you.

If everyone around you is putting demands on your time, this book is for you.

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Find Your Balance

 Below are other ebooks that I recommend for different areas of your life:



This is the most important thing that woman SHOULD focus on, although most do not. In my poll, this was number 4 in importance. Here you will find products, services and resources to help you learn to Take Care of YOU.





Time management is something that all of us deal with. We only have so many hours each day, how do we do all the things we NEED to do and have time for the things we WANT to do? I hope to share products and services to help you grab hold of your time.




Managing the house was THE TOP CATEGORY that women said they needed help with. No surprise there. I wish I could offer you all a Rosie (from the Jetsons)! I will be sharing tips and products to help guide you to get a handle on your house.





Simplifying life was very high on the list as well. Most of us are overwhelmed with the sheer bulk of our life, our stuff. I am eager to share the resources I have found to help you to Simplify Your Life.





So many women today are looking for a way to start a business. Some way to make a few extra dollars or to possibly start an empire. I’ll be sharing what I have found and learned to help you Start a Business.





The sheer number of blogs being begun daily is amazing. I have come across a lot of resources on this blogging journey and would love to share!