Hire Blog Help – Ebook

Are you a blogger or have a web based business and are running yourself ragged?

Do you love the community created through Social Media, but you don’t know how much longer you can keep up?

Or are you handling it all pretty well, but there are just a few things that you really cannot stand to do?

It sounds like you might need to hire some bloggy help!

This ebook will walk you through the who, what, when, where, and why of hiring help.

Inside you will find helpful hints, tips, suggestions from the hired help (that’s me!) and words of wisdom from bloggers like:

OR, are you hoping to get started as a bloggy assistant and not sure what to do now?

Do you know you have the skills to be that awesome help to a blogger feeling overwhelmed but not sure what they need or how to find them?

This ebook is for you too!!! The book is written for bloggers looking for hired help but the information inside is golden for you too! Learn what bloggers are looking for, what’s important to them, what they need, and why they need YOU!

Buy the e-book for only $9.99!

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What will you find in the book?

  • 85 pages of anything and everything you ever wanted to know about hiring help.
  • Words of wisdom from some of the most successful women in the blogosphere!
  • Advice for what to look for in the perfect candidate and why those traits are important.
  • Learn from women who have been there and done it!  No need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Honest and practical information.  No pulling punches.  No rose colored glasses.  Just honest to goodness encouragment.
What’s Inside:
Introduction to the Introduction
Who Is This Book For?
What’s a Virtual Assistant & How Do I Know If I Need one?
I Know I Need Help. But What Kind?
Digging A Little Deeper
Okay, I’m Sold. Now What?
What Should I Look For In A VA?
Helpful Hints, Tips, & a Couple of Other Things You May Want to Know
Tell Me More About This Task Based VA
Thoughts & Words of Wisdom From the Experts
Print This Out & Give It To Your VA
Go Forth and Prosper!