Resources for managing your home, family and life

In America and in other developed countries, life has evolved, for better or for worse, into a blur for most women. We try so hard to do all the things we think we should be doing, for ourselves, but mostly for our family and the people closest to us.

I have truly enjoyed writing at Living the Balanced Life and I believe the message there is important. I have had hundreds confide that my words help them on a regular basis. And I love that. I am glad that my struggles have been able to do some good somewhere!

Not hearers only, but doers

So many women have stated however, that they “hear” what I am saying, but it is so difficult to “do”. This new site, with its resource center, is meant to give women some tools that they can use to implement and make positive change in their lives in the areas they most need it.

I will be seeking out the best resources available on the internet, in the form of ebooks, programs, apps, webinars and actual products to help you, the busy successful woman, achieve what is most important to YOU in YOUR life. I will also be working on my own series of women’s ebooks covering a variety of pertinent topics.

Where women are struggling the most

I did an poll via Twitter and my email list, asking what areas of life did you most need support in. I got almost 300 participants and below are the results*:

Household management  27%

Time management          26%

Simplifying life                   25%

Taking care of YOU         24%

Starting a business            12%

Blogging resources            10%

Ebook production & marketing   8%

*People could choose more than one answer so the totals do not add up.

It is no surprise that we seem to be struggling almost equally with the top 4 areas, house, life, time and ourselves. My goal will be to help provide you with some concrete resources and tips to help you feel more confident and empowered in these areas.

We need action!

I will continue to write at Living the Balanced Life, where the posts will be a little philosophical and are meant to make you think. Here at the Resource Center, I want to provide information in my posts that will provide you with action steps and a PUSH to go and do what you need to do to bring more balance to your life!

I encourage you to click around and see if there is something that will interest you where you are in your life. A product or a resource to help you. I will periodically add new resources as I come across them. I will be posting here several times a week, highlighting resources, systems and routines that may help you in managing your home, family and life.

If you see the value in this site, I ask you to please share this link on your social media sites! Thank you so much for your support!

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