Stressed moms are everywhere. You may not realize it. Many try to hide just how stressed out they are by putting on a smiley face and saying that everything is fine. And they think that others have got it together but they are a failure because they just can’t do it. I’ve got a news flash for you…

None of us have it all together!

33 signs youre a stressed mom

 I am sure that even the most “put together” of moms can relate to these things below, unless they have a full-time housekeeper and nanny!

You might be a stressed mom if…

1. Your idea of breakfast is the crust off your toddler’s peanut butter toast, PLUS 3 cups of coffee.

2. Fixing yourself up means pulling your hair back in a pony tail and putting on a clean t-shirt.

3. Your kids are frequently reminding you at 8 pm that they need a ___________ for school tomorrow morning.

4. You think your husband is the s*xiest man on the earth when you see him actually do the dishes.

5. You find *clean* folded laundry in the laundry hampers.

6. You don’t have any laundry hampers or a specific place for kids to put dirty clothes.

7. Going anywhere by yourself is considered a vacation.

8. Taking a shower alone and with no interruptions is a almost faded memory.

9. Your ears pick up every little cough, sniffle, or whimper across the house.

10. You become oblivious to the constant Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, that sometimes your older children will call you by your first name to get your attention.

11. You’d rather go to sleep while you can than to have s*x.

12. Baby wipes are your constant friend and are used for way more stuff than wiping baby’s bottoms.

13. You can get more done in the 10 minutes before someone is to arrive at your house than you could all week long.

14. To wake up in the morning without any children in the bed is a miracle.

15. You consider a glass of wine as a serving of fruit, right?

16. You have a secret stash of chocolate, cookies, or whatever your favorite junk food is. Forget sharing!

17. You are the queen of multitasking, nursing one baby, reading to a toddler, helping your child with homework, cooking dinner and one eye on your favorite show.

18. You regularly rewash loads of  laundry because you forgot to put in the dryer.

19. And you regularly turn the dryer back on to dewrinkle what you left sitting for hours (because who wants to actually iron?)

20. The only way the toilet paper roll gets changed is if YOU do it.

21. You have to keep postponing vaccinations because your child is always sick at the scheduled time.

22. You have convinced yourself that Goldfish crackers have 2 food groups, grains and dairy, right?

23. You’d rather amputate an appendage than switch cars with those blasted heavy carseats.

24. You realize you are still listening to your toddler’s music and you dropped her off 15 minutes ago.

25. Does a meal actually taste better when it is hot and fresh?

26. Your children only know how to call for “MOM”! They seem to have forgotten the other parental unit exists.

27. You’ve given up on nice living room furniture til the kids are at least teenagers.

28. You justify that pizza actually DOES have all 4 food groups so it is okay to have for dinner, again, for the 3rd time this week.

29. Any toy with small parts is your archenemy, with Legos being worst of all villains.

30. Shaving your legs is relegated to only date nights.

31. Date nights are a pipe dream because you can’t find a sitter in your area.

32. You have left the house before and realized you have milk stains and dried snot on your shirt.

33. A full night’s sleep would be a dream come true.

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